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Information For Sellers

king real estate company for sellers as comprehensive, rigorous and high-quality sales service we offer.

rightfully noting that we have a potential international customer, turkish, british, irish, german and dutch, we are working with other marketers.

high standards in the marketing of real estate you want to sell with alternatives, irrespective of the price of all properties we are ready to offer our company an excellent way.

you want to sell real estate in the marketing phase, we offer our special alternative for you. when you choose to market your property our company alone, that we may request from you the commission fee, a 1% decrease and 2% earn more and take you down we'll help.

www.dalyanestates.com the google web page from our site so that it can be easily reached for it to take place in the first place allows you to reach a wider audience. each of our products located on our page for high-resolution digital photographs, accurate and comprehensive in explaining all the features the purchaser of the huge attracts admiration.

photos of all the properties that belong to the current product in terms of buyers, m2, and contains detailed descriptions of the details-text articles are provided with a product to keep the story alive. especially the information about the product on our page is constantly updated it is one of the most important principles to be transferred immediately to different consignees.

regardless of the price of your property, we are dedicated to providing the very best of all the features

our working hours
09:00 - 17:00
09:00 – 17:00

i am excited to devote quality time to our customers by working by appointment indispensable.

our phone lines are open 7 days from 09.00 until 17.00.


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