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Renovation And Refurbishment Services

dalyan villa or apartment and the surrounding area that have renovations , repairs or re-editing needs? the company's experienced in providing all services and trades you require and our expert team, we are dedicated to make your life easier. we on your behalf in line with your expectations, plus we are ready to give you quality service at an affordable price without the price.

we specialize in the following services,

  • kitchen design and installation
  • bathroom installations
  • electrical installation
  • plastering and porch
  • plumbing and heating
  • glass and pvc doors and windows
  • locksmith
  • coverings
  • roof
  • gutters, gold and fronton
  • painting and decorating
  • creation and finishing of exterior
  • tiles
  • joinery
  • interior design consultancy


whatever the desired job from us, the scholarship standards of quality in workmanship and materials for a period to be delivered to the landlord upon completion of work in accordance with our rightful guru.

don't worry if you live all of these services given away. the services that we offer you regularly until the end of the first phase of the report with all the details and photographs we're supported by studies and regularly emailing.

we offer all services designated for you and your budget would not exceed the fees no extra fees will be better able to demand.

if you are interested in our services, we're all talking about this now on our page you can see the report in projects related to customer satisfaction.

here you will find valuable information about the ease of working with a professional and experienced team.

although our company is based in dalyan, oriya and surrounding villages it serves.


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