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What Type Classification?

Type classification is what we must note for those wondering that is relevant to process the deed. Changing the character of those who registered in the land register, recorded at the registry of deeds and the registration process again, so be of a different nature.

Often a reuse of an existing building or structure on the land plot in the process of building demolition in the process of converting it back into a term used.

When you are prompted to be briefly expressed in the land registry office and again modifying the structure of an existing building refers to the process of Return of the bag visible. When you are prompted exemplify lay on the land in case of building up the plot of the owner, the deed requires the conversion from the lot into the building. This process name.

All entities that are registered on the deed in the event of correction type of change is a process that needs to be done on a mandatory basis. Building on a plot of land if the land is registered as the deed of the building, which must be edited as the deed to the building.

Located in the property code is a state of times. The failure of the allocation process pursuant to Article 7 Law No. 5744 breed in a condominium building, each of $ 1,000 is being held responsible for paying fines. Each made up of a coat belonging to the owner of the compulsory earthquake insurance.

Type the correction process is carried out how?

It should be noted that where the type of correction you would want to do should be consulted. Primarily it's a technical situation stemmed from the fact that the cadastral offices should be made Taboo. Then the registration process is made of though, must be lodged at land registry offices in the process.

There are documents that are required in the application process. The deed of the immovable property in the first place. The example of recording the deed with the deed should also be provided. In the absence of these two documents and parcel number of the document stated the name of the goods must be submitted.

Also a photograph of the owner of the immovable property are among the required documents. Photo ID documents are also important documents that should exist between document and representation.

The deed of the change of the received goods as structureless when the document is desired to be made to allow you to use also should be added. In the absence of this document the document is requested to be made to process the municipal governor's letter should be added.

The application process should be made primarily to the Directorate of cadastre. From here the land registry office should be forwarded to the registration statement. Finally, the required operations are performed by the land registry office the documents examined and the registration process is conducted.

All the costs that will be taken during operations with the law are stated. According to the law on fees No. 492;

Made before the month of January of 1983 and the housing and real estate acquired for the construction of the mortar that contains this declaration and in the payment of taxes.
The month of January of 1983 and later recorded in the land registry to be built on the land after the formation of the state in the case of 13/per thousand, which included a position in the case of social housing buildings that are 10 and 13 for/B in the position which is the status of the collection of fees at the rate of 5 per thousand is in question. Contribution to education and the declaration in the case of these charges without being charged, along with performed the action.


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