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short-term and summer rentals

such investments acquired in the villa which can make our region more profitable source of income apart short term rentals is quite popular. dahlia is well known and particularly preferred to be in the tourism industry of alternative accommodation has led to the development of the sector. to gain a service that helps the property owner of the investments at the short time we have

we sold you before or you have acquired all the details and photos on our web page own attractive apartments and villas by posting your share by expanding its network of customers didn't charge anything, we are increasing the sunday. many rental agencies that service the revenue from 20% of by taking a fee when you perform again and to ensure that quality service our company the more you win 15% for a fee to perform.

we offer you to hire the services

  • villa, or apartment buildings could be turned into a complete and comprehensive post about all the properties of text and the making of the ad
  • villa or enhancing the visual display of the party with professional photos
  • all this information and photos www.dalyanrentals.com a free listing on our site
  • the inventory is subtracted from goods in the apartment or villa rental before the season starts.
  • reservations will be made
  • regulation of the transfer
  • provision of cleaning services
  • your inventory list before the start of the season villa rental
  • removal of the inventory list at the end of the season


long term rental

long term rental:

we offer you with any other service your home, villa, office, or renting out long term you would do if you want to turn into the steady state of income, should contact us.

services that we offer you for all this

  • desired professional photos of real estate lease
  • writing text that contains all the properties in english and turkish
  • preparation of the lease

real estate that you own, we are ready to present you with the most suitable tenant as soon as possible.

the proprietors shall not request any fee or commission, especially this of our services.

for more detailed information, please give us a call.


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