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What Is The Zoning Plan?

zoning provides detailed information about where application will be made, and the plan is called the plan or zoning map. the zoning plan must be made in the population of 10 thousand settlements in the past. the intensity level with the zoning plan, zoning application, islands, roads, and many statistical reports are generated. the population under 10 thousand, that is, where the availability of municipal zoning plan decides.

Types of zoning plans

plans are sorted according to the hierarchy. according to this:

  • spatial strategy plan
  • environment plan
  • a zoning plan
  • zoning plan

How to the zoning plan of 1/1000?

designed according to the aspects of the zoning plan, development plans, cadastral status and is performed on a map. structures in the development plan and it should be statistically-determined plan drawings 1/1000 application is referred to as.

1/1000 development plans, if they are certified on topographic maps, cadastral situation is processed as it is made. in accordance with the principles of the zoning plan development plans are drawn. the islands of the region, density and layout, paths, and stages necessary for the application to show the application to the zoning enforcement programs on the basis of reports prepared, 1/1000 implementation plan is called.

3194 numbered construction phases of the zoning plan contained in the zoning code 8. with the provisions on the subject in the article describes. 1/1000 scale implementation plan, regional plans;

  • of socio-economic development trends
  • the potential for the development of the settlements
  • sectoral targets
  • the distribution of activities and infrastructure

What are the contents of 1/1000 implementation plan?

to determine regional plans to be prepared, if necessary, the state planning organization. or specified in the specifications are given.

generating zoning plans; the plans are included in the zoning plan and zoning. these two decisions ensuring compliance with a regional plan and landscaping plan the plan is ok if plans are made by governments.

instead of remaining within the boundaries of the municipality master plan and implementation plan to relevant plans. plans are approved and entering into force on the city council. was declared for a period of one month from the date of approval. to by the mayor, the necessary procedures within 15 days of the final decision within connects.

the tasks of the mayor dahilinc administration, civil authorities, copy all or part of the development plan. as the method is able to provide the booklets to those who wish for a fee determined by reproducing in.

How to prepare zoning plans?

the zoning plan of 1/1000, it is necessary to mention the question of how to masterplan. zoning plans, plan forms the basis of 1/1000. if you are on a certified topographic maps, cadastral area and if you have prepared and handled the situation in accordance with the landscaping plan of part of the land;

the way of their general usage

  • the types of the main zone
  • future population densities of the area
  • when necessary the density of the structure,
  • with the development of the principles of various settlement areas, the direction and magnitude of
  • transportation systems and the solution of problems.
  • as such, the points indicate the 1/5000 and 1/2000 scale to be used in the preparation of the development plan application or plans are organized. a zoning plan, are described in the report and a detailed report with all the plans.

zoning plans, either directly or by tender by the authority in charge can make. at the same time, by giving the authority to the general directorate of bank of provinces can be made. on the basis of the regulation of the plan 14. according to the article, development plans are prepared.

What is the area of social facilities in the zoning plan?

yesil fields, parks, children's gardens, playgrounds, picnic and entertainment areas, sports fields, stadiums and development plan in the areas of worship, social facilities, as is known.

the development plan application, zoning application structure at the place of the islands, densities and layout, roads, and together with details of the information that affects the application shows. cadastral has addressed the situation.


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